Friday, January 22, 2016

GODDESS - Coming March 1, 2016! #new #books

Children of Ossiria #3

Title and blurb reveal for the next book in my series!


Free of the burden of knowledge about the future, William and Carys start dating, which isn’t without its challenges. Some of Carys’ friends don’t approve of the vampire and Carys is carrying baggage from her previous relationship that rears its head every time she and William get close. Trusting him with her life is easy. Trusting him with her heart is terrifying.

Meanwhile, a new and sinister supernatural threat arrives in Southern California. The Valarakan have been warriors for thousands of years, so our team of heroes will have to be on top of their game to beat them, but discover too late that Carys’ true destiny as Protector is much more life-changing than anyone could've predicted.

Picks up where TRAVELER ended.

This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult situations.

76,000 words. $4.99. March 1, 2016.

Cover reveal coming soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

#Free Story! The First Vampires - Children of Ossiria prequel #books #vampires #fridayreads

The First Vampires

Jolana has served the Ossirian god of war as a seer for as long as she can remember. When he chooses her to be his instrument of destruction, she devotes herself to the task—starting with young Isa. 

Isa is a healer and when Jolana comes into his shop, he knows she is trouble but the beautiful Eridae cannot be resisted. Soon, he is drawn into a war between gods that will alter the universe forever.

This story is a prequel for the Children of Ossiria series.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

TRAVELER first look! Children of Ossiria #2 arrives in February! #vampires #shapeshifter #timetravel #books


Carys Taylor faced her first mission as Protector and won. Life is back to the new normal, but normal never lasts. 

Especially when your teenage daughter pops up in your apartment. Carys didn't think she could have children, so Anastasia's appearance is a shocking miracle. But while spending a day with the teen is a gift Carys would never trade, knowing the future is dangerous. The wrong life choice could change this young girl's destiny.

Between dodging a bounty hunter, dealing with a persistent vampire determined to make her his girlfriend, and meeting her future child, Carys’ first year as a Protector is full of challenges.  What does a girl have to do to find a little peace?

Traveler picks up where Protector left off in this exciting new fantasy series, Children of Ossiria.

I opened my eyes to see a young woman shaking me awake. Girl. A teenager?

“Good, you’re back. Can you tell me what year it is?”

“2003. May.”

“Ah, okay. This must be your apartment. I’m your daughter from the future.”

I sat up. “What? How? That’s not possible.”

“Well, you’ve always said I was a miracle baby. All I know is, one minute I was in my bedroom, the next I was standing in your living room.”

“How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

“You are Carys Rachelle Taylor. You have a sister and a brother. You’ve lived most of your life in the same town and that scar on your left hand is from cooking breakfast for Grandma when you were fifteen. Smell me if you want.”

I closed my eyes and inhaled. The girl smelled like me, the house, and other things. I closely studied her. Hair the same color as mine, and my mother’s nose. “You’re really my girl? What’s your name?”

“Anastasia Rae. I’m not telling you my last name. Wystan says in case of time travel; never divulge information that could change the future.”

“Sounds like him. We’ll stick to general questions. How old are you?”

“Fifteen. I’m a sophomore.”

“What are your favorite subjects?”

“English and music. Aunt Stephie has been giving me piano lessons since I was five and taught me to play guitar. I write songs.”

“Cool. Are your dad and I married?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s disgusting, actually, how into each other you guys still are. I learned a long time ago to knock on closed doors.”

“Sorry.” I giggled.

“It’s cool. All my friends like you, so it’s not so bad.”

“Any boys in your life?”

“A couple good friends, but I’m not going to date until after high school. Boys are too immature right now.”

“I’ve taught you well, I see. Are you my only child?”

“Can’t tell you that, Mom.”

“Right. Did you inherit any of my powers?”

“Some. My abilities started showing up when puberty hit, I think. You’ve been training me to control them since. I have strength, speed, and see really well at night. I catch on quickly when we’re sparring, too.”

“Wow. This is so overwhelming. We should probably go to Mr. Wesley in the morning to see about sending you home.”

“Not everybody lives here anymore. I’d love to see everybody when they’re young. I’ve heard so many stories.”

“Well, it’s late. Do you want the couch, or would you like to share the bed?”

“Your bed is big enough?”

“It’s a queen, so we’ll be fine. You don’t mind snuggling your old mom?”

“Nah. We do that, sometimes, when Dad’s not home.”

We went into the bedroom. “Here, these should fit you to sleep in. I can’t believe you’re a couple inches taller than me already. Ana, you really are beautiful.”

She hugged me. “Thanks, Mom. You’ve been good, don’t worry.”

We changed for bed, then I turned out the lights and slipped under the sheet.

She gasped all of a sudden.

“What is it?”

“In this time, I’m almost the same age as Aunt Hope!”

Sighing in relief, I slumped back on the pillow, and started laughing.

“Some night, hey, Mom?”

“You can say that again. Let’s get some sleep.”

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Friday, January 1, 2016

PROTECTOR Release Day! #newrelease #books #vampires #urbanfantasy


Check out the PROTECTOR release tour! Much thanks to all the hosts for having me.

December 28: Carla Krae

January 1: Sotia Lazu

January 1: Tracey Clark

January 4: Maer Wilson

January 6: N.N. Light

Title – Protector (Children of Ossiria #1)
Author – Vivian Lane
Genre – Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

First in a new series!

Carys Taylor has her life perfectly under control. Equipped with a nice inheritance, she goes where she wants, when she wants, pursuing anything that interests her. So when her old professor asks her to come on a research trip for his thesis, she's eager to tag along.

Until that ill-fated trip to the South American jungle changes her into a supernatural being. Now she's sprouting claws and stronger and faster than any human being in existence. The reclusive tribe calls her their Protector - but from what? And why now? Why her?

Carys is pulled into a world she never knew existed. Is she up to the task?

Buy Links - Jan. 1, 2016. Apple | Barnes and Noble | Amazon | Smashwords | Kobo