Friday, July 11, 2014

I am so sore...

If you've been following my Twitter and Facebook updates, you've seen I've been working with very little sleep over the past couple weeks.



240,205 word original story became 175,211 total words for 3 stories. 

134,201 most recent work total. 

They're split as 41,010 words, 95,170 words, and 39,031 words right now, so I'll have to do some shifting in edits. The first story ends at a good place, so really I'll be moving some of book 2 to book 3. I started the 3rd file just to see how much I still had left to go. 

2 more long sequels to adapt. *collapses on floor*

But, this is only a small part of the overall series. I had to work on this before I can do the books before or after these 3. That's probably only makes sense to me, but trust me. Anyway, still a TON to do. I'm not releasing this series until I have the right perfect first book and several complete so there is NO lag for readers waiting for me to write more. 

God, I hope people like these characters. They're close to my heart. 

So, now I can take a little break and let my aching hands heal a bit before tackling another book.