Strange Allies (Urban Fantasy)

Strange Allies - coming soon

The people we save look at us like we’re superheroes, or guardian angels, but we bleed.

We break.

And sometimes, we even die.

Della thought she was a normal sixteen-year-old until the night she met a vampire behind a drugstore and discovered a deadly power. Now The Agency wants to recruit her, but who are they, and where does this power come from? How do you choose between a destiny to save the world, and the people you love?

Becoming a paladin means sacrifice.

Graduating to Agent at eighteen, she embarks on missions to save the world, or at least as many people as she can. When the mysterious vampire Adam starts helping her cause, Agent Seven doesn't trust him. Every vampire is evil, right?

Will Adam prove her wrong, or be Agent Seven's downfall?

This series is urban fantasy.

Author's Note: Children of Ossiria and Strange Allies share the same world, but can be read independently.

This series is getting full novelization and is a work in progress.

Book #1 - 25,958 words 3/12/2017. Smashwords.


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