Friday, January 1, 2016

PROTECTOR Release Day! #newrelease #books #vampires #urbanfantasy


Check out the PROTECTOR release tour! Much thanks to all the hosts for having me.

December 28: Carla Krae

January 1: Sotia Lazu

January 1: Tracey Clark

January 4: Maer Wilson

January 6: N.N. Light

Title – Protector (Children of Ossiria #1)
Author – Vivian Lane
Genre – Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

First in a new series!

Carys Taylor has her life perfectly under control. Equipped with a nice inheritance, she goes where she wants, when she wants, pursuing anything that interests her. So when her old professor asks her to come on a research trip for his thesis, she's eager to tag along.

Until that ill-fated trip to the South American jungle changes her into a supernatural being. Now she's sprouting claws and stronger and faster than any human being in existence. The reclusive tribe calls her their Protector - but from what? And why now? Why her?

Carys is pulled into a world she never knew existed. Is she up to the task?

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