Sunday, June 1, 2014

Story Progress - Ups and Downs

Here's how the writing is going:

May 23 - Revised UF #2 overnight. 30,000 words. Since I generally know how UF #1 ends, I could prepare this story to line up with it and make the vampire in UF #2 the same as in UF #1. UF #3 will take a lot of rewriting since it's the first story I ever wrote, and is quite long. Lots of cutting to do.

May 28 - Stuck and struggling with UF #1. Thinking of making UF #2 the first book and using what's written of UF #1 as background. Leave UF #1 for the day I might do a prequel and actually know how to finish it. I know how it *ends* - it's the dreaded middle that's the problem! But, since I DO know how it ends, I can use that to make UF #2 a good Book 1.

Otherwise, I fear I'll still be stuck in this position this time next year, too!

June 1 - Working overnight. Book 1 (formerly UF #2) is now at 34,875 words. Revising this draft is coming along pretty well. I think - I hope - readers are going to like it. Since the book I hoped would be UF#1 wasn't working, I've been turning UF#2 into Book 1, which hasn't been hard to do (proving this is the correct choice). I have some editing of old words still to do, then fleshing out some scenes, then adding a new ending. Hoping to at least get to 40k.

I want to get ahead of I shouldn't. I'd like to put UF#1 up for pre-orders....

But the manuscript isn't done, I don't have a title, there is no cover art, no blurb written, yet...

Ever get excited and skip steps? I'm not usually an impulsive person, but I can be impatient.

And by the way, I hate coming up with titles! It's awful. Makes my brain hurt.

Work progress gets posted here if you'd like to follow along.

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