Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finally Have The First Book For My Series

Choosing Your Best Leg to Stand On

I finally have the best intro story for a series and now I have to revise and finish it. And...I'm done with pre-written content. 12 chapters, 32,125 words.

Why hasn't it been finished before now? Honestly, this isn't originally my story. K.C. Taylor is a friend of mine and announced in February she wasn't writing urban fantasy anymore. She has handed what was known as her Secrets Will Out series of short stories to me and I'll be turning them into a novel for my series. We'll share co-writing credit on this first book. So, thanks to K.C. for helping me fill out my universe.

A vampire named William will be the star of several books and I'm looking forward to eventually redeeming him and finding him a forever love.

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